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A new solution
to improve our health

Let yourself be cured by the active principles of CBD!

Founded in 1975 Naturando Srl is one of the historical operations in the market for food supplements and natural cosmetics. From the beginning, the firm Naturando Srl has bet on the quality of the raw materials and has carried out exhaustive studies on the synergy of the components. Following these principles, today the product portfolio has more than 130 references characterized by their effectiveness.

Continuous product studies guarantee to offer ever more innovative products that Naturando Srl customers can appreciate. Many of the products prove their efficacy with specific clinical studies carried out.

Naturando products are particularly appreciated in pharmacies and herbalists where the technical-scientific Council completes the products
The experience in the scientific field has also been supported by its own commercial network, which today allows Naturando to be present throughout the Italian territory.

The quality of its products is also highly regarded in many countries of the world. Naturando has created trade agreements in more than 15 countries. The international market has shown a particular interest for the products developing rapid growth.

The raw materials for Naturando products come from different parts of the world; but all are treated, packaged and controlled exclusively in Italy in accordance with European legislation.

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