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22 Vitamins


22 Vitamins and Trace Elements (Natural Orange and Apricot Aroma) from Pediakid is rich in vitamins C, D, B1 - B2 - B3 - B5 - B6 - B8 - B9 - B12, copper, selenium and iodine for the proper functioning of the body and just like it is rich in provitamin A, E and molybdenum. This product is perfectly adapted for children and pre-adolescents, it combines plants, vitamins and minerals to optimize the intake of essential micronutrients, in order to participate in the functioning of the organization and the general balance. Rich in vitamins Pro -A, E, C, D, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, copper, molybdenum, selenium and iodine, which each participate at their own level, in energy metabolism and of nutrients, psychic functions and the immune system

22 Vitamins

  • Manganese (400 μg), Parsley Extract (365 mg), Carrot Extract (365 mg), Beet Extract (365 mg), Spinach Extract (365 mg), Watercress Extract (365 mg), Vitamin B9 (200 μg), Vitamin C (80 mg), Molybdenum (50 μg), Selenium (50 μg), Vitamin B8 (50 μg), Iodine (50 μg), Vitamin B3 (16 mg), Vitamin E (12 mg), Chromium (10 μg), Vitamin B5 (6 mg), Vitamin D (5 μg), Vitamin B12 (2.5 μg), Beta-carotene (2.4 mg), Vitamin B2 (1.4 mg), Vitamin B6 (1.4 mg), Vitamin B1 (1.1 mg), Iron (0.56 μg), Copper (0.4 μg), Zinc (0.4 mg), Magnesium (0.4 mg), Potassium (0.04 mg).

    How to use

    Consumption is recommended according to the age of the child if it is younger  5 years: 1 teaspoon 2 times a day after each meal, if older than  5 years: 2 teaspoons 2 times a day after each meal.


    Keep out of the reach of children, away from heat and moisture. Consume as part of a varied diet and

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