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Raspberry Seed Vegetable Oil


Raspberry Nugget Vegetable Oil by Esential Aroms is a virgin vegetable oil  that has  different  natural antioxidants  very beneficial for the skin as  Tocopherol, Tocotrienol and Carotenoids. It is extracted directly from the raspberry seeds, through a cold pressing method that allows you to fully enjoy all its properties.

Raspberry Seed Vegetable Oil

  • Virgin vegetable oil of raspberry seed (rubus idaeus) obtained by mechanical procedures and tocopherol * (antioxidant) * Vitamin E of natural origin.

    How to use

    Take 1.5ml to 2.5ml three times a day. In children over 3 years of age, the minimum dose described in the instructions for use is recommended.  Contains 2.5ml measuring spoon

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