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Dry Skin Comfort Cream


Esential Aroms Dry Skin Comfort Cream is a last generation cream formulated with natural emulsifier extracted from olive, unsaponifiable from olive oil, tsubaki oil or Japanese camellia, betaine with anti-blemish action and natural UVA-MARINE protection, from algae. red It is used to hydrate from the inside. Offers 12 hours of ultra-hydration. It is a grape portion.

Dry Skin Comfort Cream

  • Aloe Vera, Violet, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Marshmallow, Jojoba Vegetable Oil, Ylang Ylang, Avocado Vegetable Oil, Cotton Extracts, Palm-Rose, Baobab Vegetable Oil.

    How to use

    It is recommended to clean the skin with your CLEANTONIC® suitable for your skin type. Then apply the DD DAY CREAM, suitable for your skin type, spreading the product until completely absorbed.

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