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Diaper Cream


Protects against irritation and soothes reddened skin on baby's bottom from day one. Calms and regenerates the reddened and irritated epidermis in the diaper area. Keeps the ass protected and perfectly isolated from moisture. Protects and cares for the baby's delicate epidermis in a 100% natural way. Zinc oxide has insulating and absorbent properties, while beeswax reinforces this action by forming a thin protective layer that does not clog pores. The BIO calendula and chamomile extracts calm and regenerate irritations and redness. 

Diaper Cream

  • Water   Sweet almond oil   Sesame oil   Zinc oxide   White beeswax   Lanolin   Glyceryl linoleate   Clay   Calendula flower extract   Chamomile flower extract   Natural essential oils *   Limonene *   Linalool *   Benzyl benzoate *   Benzyl salicylate *  Natural essential oils *  

    * From natural essential oils

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