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DigerSan Complex


Product with a high content of digestive enzymes. It acts at 360 degrees favoring the digestive function and the elimination of intestinal gases: Ginger, Artichoke, Gentian. It also has anti-nausea action and facilitates regular gastrointestinal motility: Ginger. Has a high concentration of digestive enzymes

DigerSan Complex

  • 150 g of fermented rice starch, Amylase 900 pc, Lipase 3600 du, Lactase 600 alu, Cellulase 165 cu, Ginger is 100 (gingerols 5 mg), Artichoke is 100 mg (chlorogenic acid 2.5 mg), Gentian 50 mg . Without gluten. Suitable for vegans.
    20 capsules

    How to use
    Take 1 capsule as needed after main meals with a little water.

    Before taking the product read the warnings on the box.

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