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Composed of plants recognized for their support in the protection and liver detoxification. Contains  trace elements of marine origin, such as zinc, manganese and copper  that help protect cells against oxidative stress.  Is  recommended in hepatobiliary frailty and liver disorders in general, adjuvant in complex and inflammatory liver problems (high transaminases), disorders related to the liver component (headaches of digestive origin, allergies, asthma of allergic origin, certain cases of hypercholesterolemia), changes in station to promote the drainage of toxic substances. It is also recommended for hepatobiliary fragility and liver disorders in general. Ergyepur supports, protects and detoxifies the liver.


  • For 20 ml:  Milk Thistle (1600 mg), Artichoke Extract (1200 mg), Desmodium (1160 mg), Boldo (40 mg), Molybdenum (15 mcg), Zinc (3 mg), Manganese (0.6 mg), Copper (0.3 mg) .


    How to use

    It is recommended  take 1 to 3 caps a day  in 1/2 glass of water outside of meals, 2 to 3 months to renew.

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