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Supplement made with magnesium and B vitamins that allows  compensate for deficiencies in magnesium and B vitamins  in the body. Ergymag by Nutergia provides important elements for the general metabolism and essential for the neurovegetative balance. Is  composed of 4 magnesium salts, deacidifying and remineralizing citrates and carbonates, bisglycinate and marine magnesium. The formula associates  zinc, a catalyst for carbonic anhydrase, which balances basic acids, and also provides  Vitamins B. Likewise, it provides a contribution of magnesium, calcium and potassium to the action of these minerals, it is completed with the B vitamins that allow optimizing their action by remineralizing the body. Combat physical or nervous fatigue  that can arise due to stress. In addition, it also has an off-road action as it improves the quality of sleep, prevents hair loss and improves bone and joint disorders.


  • For 3 capsules:  Magnesium (300 mg), Vitamin B6 (1.4 mg), Vitamin B8 (50  µg), Vitamin B1 (1.1 mg), Vitamin B3 (16 mg), Vitamin B5 (6 mg), Zinc (4.5 mg), Vitamin B2 (1.4 mg).

    How to use

    It is recommended to take from  1 to 3 capsules a day.


    This supplement has no contraindications, however, it is advisable to keep the container out of the reach of children and not exceed the recommended daily dose.

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