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ErgyProtect Plus


Ergyprotect Plus Nutergia sachets is a compound of fibers, glutamine, chamomile, curcumin and chicory that  contributes to digestive comfort. Food supplement composed of fibers, glutamine, chamomile and curcumin and chicory, which contribute to digestive comfort and vitamin B2 that helps the  protection of cells against oxidative stress  and helps in the normal maintenance of the mucous membranes (such as the intestine).  Ergyprotect Plus sachets are  recommended for digestive discomfort, particularly intestinal, poor fiber or unbalanced diet.

ErgyProtect Plus

  • For 1 envelope:  Chicorea Inulin (514 mg), Glutamine (400 mg), Grape Extract (84 mg), Chamomile (Chamomile) Extract (80 mg), Curcumin (46 mg), Fibers (1.7 mg), Soluble Fiber (1 g) , Insoluble fibers (0.7 g), Vitamin B2 (0.21 mg).

    How to use

    It is recommended  take 1-3 sachets a day, outside of meals, diluted (s) in a glass of water (150 ml) or in a compote.

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