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Halibut Cicatrici


Regenerating skin ointment for scars, tattoos and dermatological treatments. (hair removal, laser, peelings). Formulated with soothing and regenerating ingredients for the skin. It contains panthenol, which promotes healing, gotu kola, and vitamin A that prevents flaking.

Halibut Cicatrici

  • Petrolatum; Lanolin; Olea europaea fruit; Bismuth subnitrate; Helianthus annuus seed oil; Panthenol; Tocopheryl acetate; Bisabolol; Hypericum perforatum flower / leaf / stem extract; Retinyl palmitate; Centella asiatica extract; Peg-8; Tocopherol; Ascorbyl Palmitate; B HT; Ascorbic acid; Citric acid.

    How to use

    Clean the area to be treated beforehand. Cover the area with a layer of ointment. Spread with a gentle massage. Apply 2 or 3 times a day.

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