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Soy lecithin

Naturmil Soy Lecithin is a blood vessel tonic. Helps in atherosclerosis. Slows the aging of the nerve cell. Help  against fatigue and stress.  Helps reduce the rate of circulating cholesterol. Fortifying. It favors the maintenance of a correct lipid balance in the body, keeping cholesterol within normal values, delaying the negative effects that excess fat can cause. Its richness in phospholipids makes it an excellent source of nutrients for brain cells, being useful as a fortifier. It plays an important role in the metabolism of the liver.

Soy lecithin

13,25 €Price
  • For 2 capsules:  Lecithin (2400 mg).

    How to use
    It is recommended to take before breakfast and lunch.

    Use in case of pregnancy and lactation only after the advice of a health technician. It should not be used by individuals allergic to soy. may cause gastrointestinal irritation in susceptible individuals.

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