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Tampons Tampax Pearl

Tampax tampons are available in the following absorptions:
Lites: for days with very little flow.
Regular: For low to moderate flow days
Super: for moderate to heavy flow days
Super plus: for heavy flow days

Tampons Tampax Pearl

  • The use of tampons is associated with a rare but serious disease called Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a very rare but serious disease. It is caused by toxins produced by the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus, which is normally found in the nose and vagina. TSS is a known and treatable disease that men, women, and children can suffer from. It is more likely to occur in adolescent girls and women under the age of 30 (menstrual TSS). Although it is rare, it is important to know it to act if necessary. Early recognition and treatment of symptoms is paramount. The signs that warn of a possible TSS are the following, although they do not have to appear all of them: sudden high fever (39ºC or more), dizziness, vomiting, muscle pain, diarrhea, fainting or feeling faint when standing up and irritations skin similar to sunburn. In advanced stages of the disease, the skin may peel. TSS can occur at any time during or shortly after menstruation. It can easily go from flu-like symptoms to a serious illness with fatal consequences. If you have one or more of these symptoms, you should remove your tampon immediately and seek medical attention. Tell your doctor that you have used tampons and are concerned that you may have TSS. If you've had TSS symptoms in the past, you should consult your doctor before using tampons. You can reduce the risk of TSS by using the minimum absorption necessary to meet your needs, changing the tampon every 4/8 hours and using a compress instead of a tampon at least once a day during your period. You can also virtually eliminate the risk of menstrual TSS by not using tampons. It is recommended to always use the presentation of the minimum absorption depending on the personal flow.

    How to use
    Change buffer every 4/8 hours.


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