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Body cream with Aloe vera and Shea, shea butter is a natural cell regenerator that prevents the aging of the foot. Intense and long-lasting moisturizing and nourishing power on the face and body, with great softening and restructuring properties on wrinkles and stretch marks. Helps protect the skin from UVB and UVA radiation by acting as a sunscreen before and after tanning, protecting the skin from the sun and cold. The continued use of shea butter ensures preventive effects to combat skin aging, shea butter acts by covering the skin with an invisible film that prevents dehydration and protects it from external aggressions such as sun, wind or sudden changes in temperature, it is very efficient in the regeneration of irritated skin, it is the most effective of the anti aging that exists in nature.


  • Aloe Vera, Shea

    How to use

    A layer of cream will be applied to the body with small massages until completely absorbed.

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