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29 C Sedaner


29 C Sedaner (Formula XXI) from Soria Natural, with its avant-garde R&D center, has evolved the line of vegetable capsules, creating the new range of  "prolonged release" capsules, designed to achieve a greater richness in active ingredient and therapeutic efficacy, as well as greater convenience in dosing. In these new "extended release" capsules  an amount of active ingredient is initially released  enough to produce its effect and the rest is released at a predetermined rate for long periods of time. Sedaner Capsules 29 C Formula XXI has been prepared by Soria Natural  mixing various natural plants such as valerian, passiflora, hawthorn ...  with the aim of helping in the treatment of the central nervous system to balance emotional and mood changes, eliminate nervousness, irritative states, mental fatigue and all due to stress or tension accumulated daily. Sedaner Capsules 29 C Formula XXI is a different product from Sedaner Capsules 29 C. 29 C Sedaner  helps balance emotional and mood swings, reduces nervousness and stress, as well as accumulated fatigue.

29 C Sedaner

  • Valerian dry extract (140 mg), Passionflower dry extract (75 mg), Hawthorn dry extract (60 mg), Alpha cyclodextrins (24 mg), Lavender essential oil (1 mg), Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Passionflower, Microcrystalline cellulose , Hawthorn Extract, Valerian Extract, Neutral methacrylate copolymer.

    How to use

    It is recommended to take  1 capsule every 12 hours, with a large glass of water.


    It does not contain preservatives or colorants. It is made with capsules of vegetable origin

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