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Rosehip Vegetable Oil


Rosa Mosqueta is a virgin vegetable oil with a high content of vegetable Ω-3 (32%) and Ω -6 (45%) is especially rich in specific compounds with antioxidant action, such as lycopene, which gives it its orange color and its highly antioxidant and regenerative properties. Be wary of light-colored or almost transparent rosehips.

This type of oil will not get the benefits that real rosehips can provide. Highly hydrating and nourishing, regenerating and antioxidant, healing. It is recommended in special care of malnourished, dull, devitalized and prematurely aged skin, prevention of the appearance of wrinkles, care and hydration of scars and marks on the skin and prevention of the appearance of spots on the skin.

Rosehip Vegetable Oil

  • Rosehip, Rosehip vegetable oil.

    How to use

    It is recommended to apply directly for the body hydration of children and adults and for facial care. It can also be used in synergy with other vegetable oils, to create formulas

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