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Cranberry Cyst Tablets

Cranberry Cyst from Trepatdiet Esi is a dietary supplement based on extract entitled Cranberry, Ortosifón, Bearberry, Goldenrod and Grapefruit seeds. Cranberry and Ortosifón extracts favor the functioning of the urinary tract and the drainage of body fluids. Gayuba and Goldenrod extracts promote the functioning of the urinary tract and the body's defenses against external agents. Grapefruit seeds are useful for draining body fluids.

Cranberry Cyst Tablets

  • Per 2 tablets American cranberry extract (66.75 mg), Orthosiphon leaves dry extract (50 mg), Bearberry leaves dry extract (50 mg), Grapefruit seed 4: 1 dry extract (50 mg), Extract dry 10: 1 of goldenrod flowers (50 mg), Grapefruit.

    How to use
    It is recommended to take with plenty of water, preferably at night or when necessary.

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