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24 Hr Citrus and Salvia Deodorant


Weleda Citrus Spray Deodorant is formulated with natural essential oils with antimicrobial properties to neutralize and prevent unpleasant body odors. A) Yes  provides up to 24 hours of effective protection. Citrus Weleda Deodorant Spray does not block pores and allows to maintain the natural regulation functions of the skin. Because,  This spray deodorant is ideal during pregnancy, lactation and sports. Its citrus fragrance provides freshness and immediate well-being which makes it pleasant for both men and women.  Has a  high tolerance dermatologically tested. It does not contain preservatives, colorants, synthetic perfumes, or substances of petrochemical origin.

24 Hr Citrus and Salvia Deodorant

  • Lemon oil

    How to Use Spray on the armpits, with clean and dry skin.


    Its application should be avoided after waxing the armpits and it should not be sprayed in the direction of the eyes or mucous membranes.

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