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Ergy cranberryl

Ergycranberryl from Nutergia is a blueberry-based supplement that helps reduce the fixation of some bacteria on the walls of the urinary tract with plants that promote urinary elimination. We have added to this formula, trace elements of marine origin, in particular manganese and copper that participate in the protection of cells against oxidative stress. This formulation of Nutergia is recommended to combat recurrent urinary discomfort, effective during the peri and post menopause period. It is a diuretic product made from natural ingredients that regulate water levels in the body, eliminating toxins at the same time as it soothes.

Ergy cranberryl

  • For 20 ml:  Cranberry (2700 mg), Solidago / Goldenrod (800 mg), Cayenne / Hisbicus Rosa-Sinensis / Poppy / Hibiscus / Cucarda (800 mg), Hibiscus (800 mg), Heather (640 mg), Horsetail ( 160 mg), Selenium (17 g), Manganese (0.6 mg), Copper (0.3 mg).

    How to use
    It is recommended to drink in half a glass of water, preferably morning and night.

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