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Fuca Colon Clean


Fuca Colon Clean from Fuca Aloe is a food supplement with  a unique combination formulated from natural active ingredients such as Aloe, Rhubarb, and Gugul to help improve the functioning of the colon. Aloe ferox helps maintain the regularity of the digestive system. Thanks to aloin (its active principle), it favors the intestinal stimulation necessary for a correct expulsion of feces. Rhubarb contributes to the normal functioning of the urinary bladder and urinary flow. It contributes to the functioning of the intestinal transit. Helps maintain proper liver function, improve digestion and purification of the body. Gugul is a plant traditionally used to help strengthen the digestive system as well as to promote colon cleansing.

Fuca Colon Clean

5,75 €Price
  • For 1 tablet: Aloe Ferox (55.56 mg), Rhubarb (129.87 mg), Gugul (50 mg).

    How to use

    It is recommended to take one tablet a day. The dose can vary according to the need of each one.

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