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Jinsa Mirt 10 Ampoules

Food supplement based on Ginseng Il Hwa Sigillo Oro with Cranberry Juice. Adaptogenic, restores the homeostasis of the organism. Anti-stress and anti-fatigue action. It favors the synthesis of DNA, RNA and proteins. Also suitable for children and teenagers. Balanced liquid compound in which the beneficial properties of Ginseng are combined with those of Blueberry.
The presence of Blueberry, in combination with Ginseng, gives the product a pleasant flavor, enhancing its beneficial energetic and toning properties.
Ginseng reduces fatigue, strengthens physical conditions, improves the degree of attention and concentration, promotes purifying functions aimed at eliminating toxins and is a valid aid for the resolution of various ailments.
Ginseng has ADAPTOGENIC, TONING, ENERGIZING effects on the body that restores balance, harmony and strength.

Before taking the product, read the warnings on the box.

Jinsa Mirt 10 Ampoules

  • Cranberry Powder, Ginseng Il Hwa Goldenseal, Cranberry Juice. Without gluten.
    10 vials of 10 ml each.

    Take 2 capsules a day, preferably in the morning.

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