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Transparent spray Spf 50+ Sunscreen 250ml

New generation sunscreen that incorporates cutting-edge technologies in the formulation of sun protection filters, achieving excellent cosmeticity. Take care of the skin of your face and body and opt for prevention, repair and intense hydration, integrating its best UVA / UVB filters in a rich but not greasy or sticky texture exclusively for double protection against the sun and solar aging.

Transparent spray Spf 50+ Sunscreen 250ml

  • Topical urea: improves the permeability function of the skin barrier while increasing the hydration capacity of the stratum corneum. In addition, it regulates and improves the "barrier" function of the skin, which translates into greater protection against harmful substances, as well as greater prevention of water loss and dehydration of the skin.
    Hyaluronic Acid: It is naturally present in the skin. It plays a critical role in maintaining your integrity; however, its quantity decreases progressively with age, causing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the skin tissues. Regenerates the dermal matrix. Stimulates the skin so that it generates its own molecules again.
    Vitamin E: Powerful anti-oxidant. It slows down the aging of skin cells. Fights free radicals that act on cell deterioration. Protective action against environmental agents and UVA/UVB sun rays
    Acmella Oleracea. Anti-wrinkle active that slows down the deterioration of elastic fibers.
    African Kigelia. Dermotensor active.
    Biopeptides. They increase the multiplication of fibroblasts and stimulate the synthesis of collagen weakened by the effects of UV rays.
    Reinforced filters. High anti-stain action.

    How to use
    Apply half an hour before sun exposure, on dry skin and in abundant quantity. Reapply every 2 hours and as often as necessary, especially after swimming, towel drying or perspiring in order not to reduce the protection factor.

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