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Unique Multi Active Solution

CALMOSTILL SOLUTION UNICA is a multi-active formula for the daily maintenance of soft lenses that acts with total respect for the eyes. It is a sterile solution, obtained by filtration, isotonic. Used daily, it allows a perfect disinfection of the lenses. Cleans, dissolves and removes all the deposits that accumulate on the lenses on a daily basis. Disinfects and rinses allowing it to effectively combat microorganisms that can contaminate contact lenses. Enriched with HYALURONANE, a natural viscoelastic polymer that, thanks to its ability to attract and retain water, envelops the lenses, keeping them hydrated, for a sensation of optimal comfort. Separates denatured proteins that settle on the lens surface. Thanks to the balanced pH and highly biocompatible osmolarity with the tear film, it respects the physiological balance of the eye and is especially suitable for sensitive eyes. Produced in asepsis.

Unique Multi Active Solution

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